Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Return To Awesomeness!

Hi y'all.... Have you ever sent a child to clean their room and returned a bit later to find that same child sitting on their bed, staring at their room? "It's been 15 minutes! Why haven't you cleaned anything?" , "I can't do it! It's too big!!" ..... sigh.... Some days I think I must be 5 years old. It's time to play catch-up, one randomly awesome post at a time! Fly lady always says "You aren't behind! Start where you are!" I think I'll start where I am and maybe touch on the random awesomeness of the last few weeks. It beats the heck out of running my mountain of "my dishwasher keeps flooding my kitchen" laundry, or hand washing my mountain of "the dishwasher and kitchen sink are backed-up, so every dish in my house is dirty" dishes. Thank goodness this blog isn't in smell-o-vision ;) Did I mention how grateful I am for the McDonalds down the street?

As always,
Just Rosy

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