Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Would *I* Give?

One of my very most favorite scriptures come from the Book of Alma, specifically, Alma 22. Here, Aaron teaches King Lamoni's father about Christ. Never knowing about Christ before, he says "If you say there is a God, I believe", "Is this the same Great Spirit who brought our fathers out of Jerusalem?" He then pledges everything he has, his whole kingdom, to know this God. When he's told that his possessions and riches won't bring him closer to God, he prays his first prayer "O God, Aaron hath told me that there is a God; and if there is a God, and if thou art God, wilt thou make thyself known unto me, and I will give away all my sins to know thee..." (Alma 22:18)

Those who know me, know I don't have a whole lot of riches. Luckily, I don't have a whole lot of sins. (Though I work on those, too!!) What would *I* give to know Thee?

I believe in my heart that my biggest trials are my biggest blessings. I would endure my trials with a cheerful know Thee.

It may not seem like it, but it really is,

Just Rosy

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  1. Hey Jen,
    I'm not on facebook anymore but I still wanted to keep in touch. Is there a good email to contact you with? Hope your trip to Germany was wonderful. Miss you
    PS. I need Matt's address. We have snickerdoodles to send him