Thursday, June 23, 2011

And Now... For My Next Trick!!

This morning I was suprised with 2 emails and a phone call! Any day that starts like that has GOT to be good :) And, it was!

Like all professionals, Matt needs additional training to keep current in his field. This year, his training is going to be in Germany! "Most of the guys are flying their wives out for a mini-vacation. Do you think you can come?!" I would love to... erm, well, there's these major repairs that need done on the van... and a wedding next month to travel for, our kids eat 3 times a day (hmmmm, maybe I can cut that down to 2?), we'd need a sitter... The chances of me getting a chance to use my passport looked slim to NONE.

As a Dave Ramsey "nerd", there was absolutely NO WAY I was going to put anything on my credit card that wasn't life of death, and I mean somebody has better be bleeding out their eyeballs. One of the magic things about being a Dave Ramsey "nerd" is that I have a budget. Not only am I budgeted for this month, I'm budgeted for 18 months out. Also, we are making avelanche payments towards our massive student loans. To put it in perspective, 35% of our take-home pay goes towards debt payments (not including the house). (7 years, baby! And, I will be getting a 35% raise!)

Here's where the magic comes in... Since Matt's not here eating, driving, or taking me on dates, I was able to trim our gas, grocery, and date budget for the next year. Because I don't have a year to save for this, I will be putting the monthly trimmed amount toward the extra payment I'm not making next month. Voila! Geesh, whoda thunk a ticket to Germany was hidden in there?! (I certainly didn't!)

I would like to thank for the AMAZING budget spredsheets. They have a spredsheet for everything you could possibly think of and stuff you probably wish you would have thought of.

Biggest thanks go to my dear friend who volunteered to stay over with my kids. Now, THAT says love!

Seeing Matt (and hopefully friends!!!) in Germany will be amazing!

Things are definately,

Just Rosy


  1. Hey, that's awesome! Did you book tickets already? check and see what kind of insurance you can get on the trip, as Army training isn't always as reliable as we'd like. Not to be a downer or anything, but it's always good to be prepared.

  2. I'm planning on buying it after payday. Hopefully, the dates will be a bit more concrete by then. And, insurance is always a must when dealing with the Army!

  3. That is so awesome. I would always take the kids :)

  4. And, that's why you're one of my favorite friends :) I'd totally take yours (forever)too!