Thursday, June 16, 2011

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Cans...

I've gotta say it. I love my husband. I am one lucky lady. We speak different, but very compatible love languages. I like to be huggy-touchy, often rubbing the hands, feet, backs and faces of my family. At church, we are one great big cuddle puddle on the pew. My husband likes to COOK.

A meal with Matthew is never a simple event. It usually involves multiple courses and every pot and pan in the kitchen. Recipies? Who needs them! Let's do a dash of this. Oh, that smells good! Why don't we try it THIS way... You never know what to expect, except that it's going to be GOOD! Cooking dinner is a very special way to say "I love you", because my energy has usually petered out about the time it is to cook dinner.

One of Matt's special "I'm so happy to spend time with you!!!" meals is clam chowder. Today, I found 15 cans of clams in my pantry. I'm so happy to spend time with you too, sweetheart!!

'Till We Meet,
Just Rosy


  1. I wonder where he got that from. ;)

  2. Yaaa, anyone who knows his mother has certainly been over to her house for some home-cooked affection :)